What is spray foam insulation? How long has it been around?

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Spray foam is a semi-rigid, non-toxic, insulation that offers added value as an air and moisture barrier solution that air seals wall, floor, and ceiling cavities to prevent air movement — including spaces around electrical outlets and light fixtures, at baseboards, and where walls meet windows and doors. So everything from frigid winter air to hot, humid summer air cannot seep through your walls to the inside, nor can your comfortable, interior air enter the walls to condense. By virtue of its low permeability to air, its adhesion to other building materials, and its flexibility, spray foam provides value beyond insulation. It provides superior air leakage control, moisture control, and sound attenuation — a one-step insulation and moisture, vapor, and air barrier system. And, unlike fiberglass and other loose fill insulation methods that do not air seal building cavities, the air sealing characteristics of spray foam provide virtually the same R-value in your home as it does in the laboratory where the listed R-value is measured.

Spray foam contains no formaldehyde or ozone depleting gases. The chemical reaction that forms spray foam creates millions of tiny cells. These cells are filled with air and provide permanent control of air and airborne moisture movement.

Spray foam has been installed in various building structures since the 1970s. Energsmart has been installing spray foam since 2004, completing several thousand projects successfully since then.

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