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Year-round comfort

Foam insulated homes are air-sealed – preventing drafts in winter and humidity in summer. These air sealing qualities also eliminate or significantly decrease mold, sound, odor, and moisture migration in your home or business.

Improved energy efficiency

Foam insulation is significantly more efficient than the traditional fiberglass insulation found in homes today, which means your heating and cooling bills will be significantly lower, too! Enjoy the energy savings immediately after your foam insulation installation.

Immediate cost recovery

While the initial cost of foam is higher than that of builder-grade fiberglass, foam insulation’s energy efficiency quickly pays for itself. If you include foam insulation installation as part of your mortgage or home financing, the payoff is usually immediate!

Safe and ecofriendly

Foam is the healthiest insulation available, preventing damaging moisture, allergens, and other pollutants from entering the home. Energsmart’s foam insulation is also safe for the environment, a significant portion of which is made from annually renewable sources of energy.

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