Residential Insulation Solutions

Energsmart offers residential insulation for both new and existing homes.

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New Build Homes

For New Builds in western New York, our foam products are ideal due to their air sealing nature.  They provide comfortable and efficient homes every day of your home ownership.

  • Open cell or closed cell foam will work in almost all portions of your home, but our sales professionals can help you decide which product is best for your particular home and budget.
  • Our midgrade product, cellulose, is sometimes recommended in certain attics to help create favorable paybacks on your investment while still maintaining comfort year-round.

The NYS Energy Code was updated in 2016 and now requires stringent tightness standards and testing for homes. Spray foam helps home owners meet these requirements with ease. The professionals at Energsmart also provide any blower door testing or other certifications now needed for new homes.

Existing Homes

Most homes built before 1970 have little to no insulation. Homes built between 1970-2000 typically were not built with enough insulation. Like new builds, all of our products can be used in an existing home, though there are limitations.

  • Basements and basement rims are limited to spray foam. In rims we can use closed or open cell foam, but for any below grade applications, closed cell foam is recommended.
  • Above grade walls with existing insulation are difficult to add insulation to in a cost effective manner. If walls have very little insulation, Energsmart can usually install dense packed cellulose to minimize air currents in the wall and provide additional R-value. Houses built after 1980 usually have too much insulation to add more. In homes with very little or no insulation in them, our retrofit foam can be used. This is a slow rise open cell foam that creates an air sealed wall cavity.
  • Attics can use any of our insulation products. When spray foam is used it can be installed directly to the underside of roofs with no ventilation needed. An ideal solution for older homes with no roof or soffit vents.

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