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Retrofit Foam was developed for wall cavities of existing buildings with little to no existing insulation.

Retrofit Foam is identical to our open cell spray foam, except that the expansion reaction is slowed down. When injected into a wall cavity, Retrofit Foam falls in its liquid form to the bottom of the cavity before it starts its expansion, whereas traditional spray foam insulation expands and cures immediately.

Retrofit injectable foam is generally only able to be installed in empty wall cavities. If the cavity has cellulose, fiberglass, or other cavity fill insulation already installed, the product cannot be used. Because of this, buildings constructed after 1960 are usually not able to use Retrofit Foam.

How Energsmart Installs Retrofit Foam:

  • Retrofit Foam can be installed from inside or outside the building.
  • When installing Retrofit Foam, a ½” diameter hole is drilled for the injection process. A hole is drilled every 3’-4’ vertically in each cavity, depending on the wall construction.
  • An infrared camera is used during installation to ensure complete coverage. As the product cures, it heats to over 200º, allowing us to easily see our coverage through the infrared camera.
  • Once injected, the product is fully cured within minutes.
  • After the Retrofit Foam is cured, our experienced installers close your walls up according to your needs.

Unlike other injectable shaving cream consistency foams, Energsmart’s Retrofit Foam completely and permanently bonds to the studs, leaving you with a complete air barrier and a high R value. In addition, the foam in your walls will never shrink, settle, or sag.

If you’re uncertain whether or not this product can be used for your business, contact us. We can help you develop a plan for your insulation needs.

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