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For those looking to increase the efficiency of their building without the ability to afford spray foam insulation, cellulose insulation is the best alternative.

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Cellulose isn’t as efficient as foam, but it’s much better than traditional fiberglass.

While Energsmart’s foam insulation products provide the greatest efficiency in the industry, we realize that premium foam insulation doesn’t fit every budget.

Along with being more efficient than fiberglass, cellulose is also much healthier. Cellulose insulation is made almost entirely of recycled newspapers, making it the “greenest” insulation product available. The physical consistency of cellulose is similar to clumpy sawdust, and it can either be loose blown into attics or dense packed into side walls or floored attics. Because of its consistency, cellulose has fluid-like characteristics, allowing it to be blown into odd shaped areas very effectively. This is a benefit that pre-formed insulations such as fiberglass cannot easily offer. 

If the cost of using foam insulation throughout your whole building is barely beyond your budget restrictions, cellulose insulation can be used together with our spray foam products, especially in new construction.

Many customers find that using foam in the most crucial areas of their building (at wall tops, around can lights, around the perimeter at soffit areas, etc.) and insulating with cellulose for the remainder helps to cut costs and increase efficiency in comparison to using fiberglass insulation.

For help determining what insulation will work best for your project and budget, contact us for a professional estimate. 


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