Thermal Ignition Barrier

Interior ignition barrier coating for spray foam insulation.

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Depending on the application, an ignition barrier may be required by Building Code.

Depending on the application, a thermal barrier may be required by building Code. In general, all insulation must be separated from living spaces by a “thermal barrier”. In most cases, drywall is the thermal barrier of choice. An alternative Code approved thermal barrier we can use with our spray foam is a spray applied paint that is a fraction of the cost of drywall. The product is installed with an airless sprayer (typically by Energsmart, but can also be installed by others). Spray foam will not spontaneously combust, but these products inhibit the start and spread of flame encountered on the surface. Our spray applied thermal barrier is most often used on:

  • Attics and crawl spaces used for storage
  • Ceilings in retail/restaurants that remain exposed with no drywall
  • Industrial locations like garages where drywall or other wall coverings aren’t practical

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