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Ice Tells A Chilling Story

The weather the past week has all of us thinking about winter. Prolonged cold periods sadly bring out the weak spots in our houses. When it comes to energy efficiency, icicles and melting are a sure sign of inefficiency. The best way to look at icicles is as your hard...

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Catch Your Draft

Is your home feeling chilly even with the heat blasting, or uncomfortably hot even if the temperatures outside don’t warrant the heat? Rather than blaming your furnace or air conditioning unit, chances are the problem is a bit deeper – your insulation. How to detect...

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Home Sweet Foam

Along with providing substantial health benefits, spray foam insulation also adds to the comforts of home. When compared with ordinary fiberglass insulation, the benefits of spray foam are almost too plentiful to list. Here are our top 5 reasons to choose spray foam...

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