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Closed Cell Spray Foam can be used for almost any residential project.

Closed cell foam, like open cell, will result in comfort far superior than fiberglass and cellulose insulation. Due to its higher cost relative to open cell foam, closed cell is used when moisture is a concern or if limited space is available.

Residential Applications:

  • Attics — when less rafter space is available. When rafters are less than 7” deep it’s difficult to reach desired R-values with lower priced open cell foam. In our climate, we target R-25 to R-30, which needs as little as 4” of cavity space when using closed cell foam.
  • Walls — when 2×4 or less framing is available. We can reach R-17 with just 2.5” of space.
  • Cavities must be open on one side. If you live in an existing home without exposed cavities, our Retrofit Foam may be able to be installed. Retrofit foam is an open cell foam.
  • Crawl space walls and other areas where it is difficult to control moisture. Closed cell foam is a vapor barrier.
  • Metal and other moisture impermeable substrates.
  • New codes call for up to R-49, which needs 15” of space for fiberglass. This isn’t practical for certain areas like cathedral and other finished ceilings. Closed cell foam needs less than half of that space (7.25”) to reach R-49!
  • New Codes also require R-21 in walls. This is the only insulation that can reach that level in a 2×4 wall.

Code Reports and Technical Data Sheets for closed cell spray foam. 

Compare Open Cell and Closed Cell foam:

Read Code Reports and Technical Data Sheets for our open cell spray foam.

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