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Very professional Staff. Work done in 4-5 hours. This house has never been so warm since we built it!

Dennis C.

Lawtons, NY

Enclosed is the check to pay your fee for insulating our home. Thank you for the fine product and services!


Fredonia, NY

The workers were very nice. Very Clean. They took shoes off when going upstairs because I have white carpets. They cleaned up after the job was complete and were on time coming to my home both days.

John B.

Lewiston, NY

Your guys did a fantastic job. My builder is very difficult to please and he raved about how professional they were and the quality of their work as well. Thank you.

Joe N.

West Seneca, NY

Thanks so much for everything, we are very pleased.

Melissa Steen

Royalton, NY

Hi John, this is Jim calling from the Tandoori Restaurant. I'm here with your employee Tyler and I just wanted to call and say thank you very much. The job is absolutely perfect. He cleaned up and did a fantastic job. I must say I'm very impressed and I just wanted to pass that on because as business owners we to only hear the bad feedback from customers and not the good stuff. He's a great reflection on your company. I'm sure our paths will be crossing again now that I know where you are and what you do. Thanks again.


Williamsville, NY

John and Dave, I wanted to let you know what a great job your guys did today! I would never have expected anyone to go into that wet smelly crawl space but he wrapped himself up in plastic and went for it. I felt so bad for him, but I'm so appreciative. They really went above and beyond what I would've expected to get the job done. You have a great crew working for you. Thanks again.


Tonawanda, NY

I had you spray insulation in my home a couple months ago. What a difference! Thank you!

Matthew G.

Grand Island, NY

Very efficient installers!

Vicky P.

Sanborn, NY

Check is in the mail for you. Thank you again. House is quieter and warmer already. I'll be calling you guys again in a few months.

Tim and Sarah

Orchard Park, NY

Aaron, Jim, & Dave were great workers. They were polite and did a good job. Thank you for the suggestion of the energy audit - I didn't realize insulating the rim joist would be the thing to do. It has warmed the house already. I was glad to be exposed to this insulation.


Colden, NY

Just wanted to thank your team for doing a great job. The house feels warmer and more comfortable already!

Tyler A.

Amherst, NY

Thank you. Your guys did a great job!

Gary P.

Amherst, NY

The check is already written and in the mail. Nice kids - Jimmy and Aaron - they did a nice job.


Kenmore, NY

Hey Dave, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you and Bob for your hard work accommodating me on this job. I know it can be frustrating dealing with the unknown in terms of timeframes. So again, thanks a million for getting this done.


Rochester, NY

The check is in the mail. Thanks for the work. The crew was tidy and polite.

Peter G.

Tonawanda, NY

Hi Bob and folks...Although we have not fully crunched the numbers on propane fuel savings, we can say for sure that our home was significantly more comfortable this past winter with the addition of the pellet stove and the improved insulation. It's such a pleasure to be able to sit and read a book in the living room with the cathedral ceiling and not be chilled! Thanks so much.

Lisa S.

Amherst, NY

I did want to mention to you that your entire crew was great. They were courteous and professional and did a great job of containing what was obviously a very messy task.

Mark P.

Cheektowaga, NY

I did want to mention to you that your entire crew was great. They were courteous and professional and did a great job of containing what was obviously a very messy task.

Mark P.

Cheektowaga, NY

Very happy with the job!

Peggy W.

Niagara Falls, NY

It's cozy up there (third floor) now even with -5F outside and no heat really going up there, it's used to be close to outside temperatures...

Barry and Arnd Sherer

Amherst, NY

I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the choice of closed cell foam in our basement. Our basement was basically always much colder than the upstairs and damp feeling. Well, we notice quite a difference with the foam insulation. The basement feels just like the rest of the house. It is the same temperature and no more dampness. We are now confident with "finishing" the basement this will be a space we will want to be in. If you would like to use our name and number for a reference we would be pleased to sing your praises to potential customers. Thanks again!

Lisa and Alan K.

Williamsville, NY

Thank you, David. Your staff did an excellent job! Please give me details on your referral program so I can send you more business!

Lori R.

Buffalo, NY

Wow, Bob! THANK YOU very much for the detailed response. I sincerely appreciate the fact that, even though I am not versed in insulation, you talked to me like an intelligent human being. If you only knew the way I often get treated!! Example: "Ummm, this may be over your head, is your husband home?" Well, you're hired! Please schedule me for installation as soon as your schedule allows...Thanks again, really, for all your help.

Amy B.

Grand Island, NY

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