Is spray foam insulation a fire hazard? What are its flammability and fire-rating characteristics?

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All insulation, whether it is foam, cellulose, or fiberglass, must be separated from living space by a 15-minute thermal barrier (i.e. drywall). While all of our foam insulation products are “Class 1” fire rated according to ASTM-E84 and contain fire retardants, there are still certain situations that call for special handling of the products from a fire safety standpoint.

In general, if foam is exposed directly to an open flame it will ignite. If the flame source is pulled away it will typically self-extinguish; however, if the flame is constant (i.e. your house is on fire) it will spread and burn similar to wood and many other products used to build our homes.

Exposed foam is usually only found in areas that are not living spaces, such as attics and crawl spaces. If the area is not used for storage or if it doesn’t contain utilities (i.e. a furnace) foam can be left exposed and still meet Building Code. If the area is used for storage or to service utilities, then some types of foam must be covered by a thermal or ignition barrier. Usually, the most cost effective way to accomplish this is to have Energsmart spray a thermal or ignition barrier paint onto the foam.

Energsmart’s sales team will inform you of when such barriers are needed, but you should always consult your local Building Code Enforcement Official about the requirements as well to ensure you are meeting all local Code changes.

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