What are some other advantages of spray foam insulation?

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In addition to its extreme efficiency and comfort, spray foam insulation offers other advantages as well.

Most notably, smaller and less expensive heating and cooling equipment can be used in a home or building that uses spray foam. Spray foam usually results in these systems being housed in semi-conditioned areas, which allow them to function much more efficiently and effectively.

Spray foam is often used in commercial settings without the need for expensive coverings, like drywall.  With a spray applied black thermal barrier paint at a fraction of the cost of drywall and other ceilings, most people don’t even notice the insulation in the ceiling.  We’ve insulated bars, restaurants, and other retail areas open to the public in this manner.

Spray foam insulation also doesn’t require ventilation like fiberglass or cellulose, and can also be installed effectively in any shaped cavity.

These unique characteristics allow almost limitless design flexibility for a home and the systems in it.

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