Do I need attic and roof venting?

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No. Building Code no longer requires ventilation in attics with foam insulated rooflines.

Attic and roof venting were developed because of the inferiority of fiberglass insulation. In our climate, in the winter, heat passes through fiberglass in attics with relative ease. Without ventilation this heat would just hang out in your attic causing two common problems. One, it will melt the snow on your roof, which in turn causes ice damming, which in turn causes ceilings to leak. Second, without a way to evacuate the heat from your attic, the warm air will rise and come in direct contact with the extremely cold underside of your roof causing all the moisture in the air to condense into water. This typically results in mold and all sorts of other damage. Unfortunately, this ventilation is just a “band-aid” that creates a flue draft effect that pulls conditioned air from your living space more rapidly. Your house would actually be more energy efficient without the ventilation, but the lack of ventilation will cause the above-stated damage.

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