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Commercial applications are more unique and diverse than residential applications.

Unlike residential applications where the construction and use is similar from building to building, commercial applications require a lot of experience to determine the proper product to use.  Energsmart has that experience.

Foam-Lok™ Open Cell foam is used by Energsmart in a variety of commercial applications.  We typically recommend the product in above ground walls and attics on the interior side of the building.  The product is relatively low-cost and is, for all intents and purposes, an air barrier.  

Open cell foam is preferred because of its lower cost, but it has two characteristics that have to be kept in mind when considering its use in commercial projects.  One is moisture vapor transmission.  Since moisture can move much more freely through open cell foam we have to make sure that if it gets in, that it will also be able to get out.  The second consideration is strength.  Open cell foam is light and can be ripped apart by hand.  It would not be ideal for the abuse it would see in a high traffic warehouse for example.

Commercial Applications:

  • Attics – when adequate space is available. 7”-8” (R26-R30) is ideal for most areas of WNY.  If less space is available, we would recommend our closed cell foam to achieve the needed R-value.  Open cell will work well on any attic floor.  For install directly to the roofline, if the substrate is wood, open cell is an ideal solution.  Any substrates (like metal) that have no ability to store or transfer moisture would be better suited for closed cell foam.  In some cases we can install vapor barrier paint to the open cell foam to give it moisture properties closer to that of closed cell foam.
  • Walls – 5” of space is recommended.  The product can be used in 2×4 walls, but we can reach the ideal R-value with closed cell foam.  Similar to attics, substrates like metal may need special consideration when using open cell foam.  If significant amounts of moisture vapor can get into the wall, a vapor barrier paint or closed cell foam would be recommended.
  • Cavities must be open on one side.  In existing commercial buildings without exposed cavities, our Retrofit Foam may be able to be installed.
  • Buildings where moisture introduced to the interior is limited.  A storage warehouse with radiant heat would be a good example of this.
  • Sound attenuation

Click here for the Code Reports and Technical Data Sheets for our open cell spray foam.


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