The weather the past week has all of us thinking about winter. Prolonged cold periods sadly bring out the weak spots in our houses. When it comes to energy efficiency, icicles and melting are a sure sign of inefficiency. The best way to look at icicles is as your hard earned money hanging off your house. The expensive heat you pay for gets out of the house eventually, but you want to make that escape as slow as possible. When you see icicles and areas of your roof where the snow is all melted away, your precious heat is escaping far too fast.

Check out this picture in the “Problems we Solve” section of our photo gallery.

This is a cape style home and the areas with no insulation are obvious.  This home owner knocks the icicles off their house constantly during prolonged cold and snow periods. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be able to get in their front door! This is not normal and it’s completely preventable.

Here’s another one:


This is a house in my town. It looks like this every year. Everyone is different, but if I saw this every winter, it would drive me nuts.

So take a look up at your roof during this holiday season. Use nature’s signs to help you determine if you may need some new insulation. If you see any potential problems give us a call at (716) 775-8035 or email us at and we’ll check it out for you.

Happy Holidays!