Along with providing substantial health benefits, spray foam insulation also adds to the comforts of home. When compared with ordinary fiberglass insulation, the benefits of spray foam are almost too plentiful to list. Here are our top 5 reasons to choose spray foam insulation, in no particular order.

  1. More efficient. Homes with spray foam insulation are between 30-50% more efficient than those with fiberglass insulation – meaning less drafts within your home and less money leaving your checkbook each month! 
  2. More Comfortable. It’s hard to put a price on comfort. Most homes are uncomfortable because air moves in and out of the home from all sorts of areas.  The colder it is outside the more uncomfortable you are in your home.  In summer, the problem is similar, but opposite.  The more you can stop the movement of air into and out of your home, the more comfortable you’ll be.  Spray foam is an air barrier and will take away this unwanted air movement.
  3. Peace of mind. We’ve mentioned it before, but fiberglass insulation can cause several health issues. With spray foam insulation, you will have the additional peace of mind that you and your family are not breathing in toxic substances or potential carcinogens.
  4. Better acoustics. Spray foam insulation reduces sound transfer between walls and has better acoustics than that of fiberglass insulation products. While it does not act as a complete sound barrier, spray foam significantly reduces noise between rooms.
  5. Less chance of rodent issues. Most rodent and vermin problems are caused by the animal (or insect) chewing through insulation due to smelling food or feeling warmth on the other side of the walls. With spray foam insulation, the temptation for chewing is significantly reduced, as smells and heat transfer passing through the insulation are basically non-existent.

Still need convincing? Contact us for more information on why spray foam insulation is the right choice for your home or business!

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