Is your home feeling chilly even with the heat blasting, or uncomfortably hot even if the temperatures outside don’t warrant the heat? Rather than blaming your furnace or air conditioning unit, chances are the problem is a bit deeper – your insulation.

How to detect problem areas in your insulation:

  1. Feel around. Are your walls cold to the touch in the winter? Do you notice that the sun heats up your home much faster than the temperature is rising outside? Do you feel drafts in certain areas of your home? Make a mental note of which walls and areas in your home seem to be the most inconsistent.
  2. Take your socks off. Walk around your home in the winter sans shoes, socks, or slippers and search for cold spots in the floor. There are a variety of reasons for these cold spots, but the basement rim in most homes is not insulated, which creates a lot of discomfort.
  3. Look up – and down. Do you see moisture forming on your walls and/or ceilings? Is there mold growing on your walls and ceilings?  Look up in your attic under your roof for moisture and mold too. These are clear signs of an insulation problems.
  4. Check your bills. If your heating and cooling costs are higher than usual, it’s probably because your home is allowing outside air to move through your walls, thus allowing the air from inside to move out as well. Inefficient insulation is a major cause of increased utility bills. Most homes have far less insulation than recommended Department of Energy levels.
  5. Call in the pros. If you feel like your insulation isn’t effectively sealing your home, give us a call. A professional will be able to pinpoint the problem area(s) and give you a plan and estimate on how to correct the issue. We’ve been in business since 2004 and have likely seen your problem before.

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