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Energsmart offers commercial insulation for both new and existing buildings.

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New Build Commercial

For new commercial buildings in western New York, our foam products are ideal due to their air sealing nature. The comfort and efficiency provided by a spray foam insulated building is an investment that pays off every day throughout its entire lifespan.

  • In walls of new construction, spray foam is the recommended product. Spray foam is also ideal for attics in our region since HVAC equipment is often located up in attics. By using spray foam, we can install the insulation at the roofline. This solution puts HVAC systems within the thermal envelope where they are much more effective. A combination of cellulose and spray foam is sometimes used as a more economical option for attic floors if the attic does not house HVAC equipment, though soffit and other venting is still necessary with this solution.
  • The NYS Commercial Energy Code was updated in 2016 and now requires stringent tightness standards and testing for commercial buildings. Spray foam helps building owners meet many of these requirements with ease.

Existing Commercial

Energsmart’s work in existing commercial buildings is usually limited to attics, crawl spaces, and roofs unless the building is undergoing a major renovation.


  • Closed cell foam is ideal for crawl spaces and other below grade applications.
  • Spray foam installed to the roofline is ideal for many older buildings that may not have ventilation built in to soffits or elsewhere (not needed with spray foam). These buildings often have had HVAC systems placed in the attic since their construction, all of which run more efficiently in the conditioned attic spray foam provides. A combination of foam and cellulose can be used in attics without HVAC equipment for a lower cost solution.
  • In a total renovation or “gut job” situation, foam is ideal for walls. Many older buildings in our region have leaky exterior walls. The inherent nature of spray foam air seals these walls while providing insulation at the same time. In limited circumstances (little or no insulation) we can install retrofit open cell foam in walls and ceilings that are not opened up. This slow rise foam is injected into holes drilled in each cavity.
  • One of our most valuable solutions is for buildings with flat or nearly flat roofs. When these buildings need a new roof and insulation, Energsmart can usually install an insulated roof from the exterior side of the building without the costly removal of the old roof. The result is a one-step seamless waterproof insulated roof with a full warranty. The foam roof is light colored which provides a much cooler building and less need for cooling energy.

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