Roof Foam & Coatings

Roofing Foam & Coatings

These are products for flat or near flat roofs that are typically seen on commercial buildings. All roofs have a lifespan, but our process, which has been used extensively since the 1970s, makes replacement a cost effective and pleasant experience. First, high density closed cell foam is installed to the desired R-value. We can typically do this without costly removal of the old roof. A coating of acrylic or silicone is then installed on the foam to protect it from the sun and provide redundant waterproofing over the foam, which is waterproof as well. The depth of the coating depends on the warranty period desired by the customer. Over time the coating will degrade, at which point the roof simply needs to be power washed and recoated for a fraction of the cost of the original install. No foam is needed at that point. On a properly maintained roof, the foam will last centuries. Upon completion the roof be significantly stronger than the old roof, easily supporting typical human and mechanical weight loads.

In some cases we can install silicone or acrylic without the need for foam insulation. Rolled roofs can typically be done this way.

Over time, there have been many different roofing materials used in our region. Very old buildings will have a wood deck with tar and gravel. Middle aged buildings will have some kind of rolled asphalt or rubber that is sealed at the seams, which are sometimes only a few feet apart. These roof systems tend to fail more often than pitched roofs. Why?

Materials – 19th and 20th century materials like tar and asphalt are weak by today’s standards. They break down, crack, etc. Acrylic and silicone, which are the products we use, have a tremendous ability to expand and contract with changes in temperature and building shifts without tearing.

Seams – All of these old materials, especially asphalt and other roll material have a tremendous amount of seams. These are bound to fail (and they do) as they rely heavily on the experience and workmanship of the installer. They can be patched, but it’s an exercise in futility as another one will pop up a month later. Spray foamed roofs have NO SEAMS.

Color – Old roofs are typically black. Black absorbs much higher amounts of energy (heat) and therefore take a beating in the summer. Our acrylic and silicone coatings can be colored to your liking. Typically the top coat of our roofs are white, which reflects heat. This keeps cooling costs low and the surface of the roof from becoming damagingly hot.

Drainage – All roofs are designed to shed water. Unfortunately, flat roofs can develop ponding over time as the building ages. Settling of portions of the building can result in low spots where ponding forms – sometimes 365 days a year. None of the materials used in the past was designed to be submerged in water for months on end. When remediating an old roof we can spray foam to various depths on the roof to get rid of ponds and direct drainage.

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