Spray Foam Insulation

Today's foam insulation has a solid 30 year track record - it is not a "new" product as many people believe. The key to investing in foam is to understand the concept of payback. To make a good decision on the insulation used for your home or business (new or existing), it is imperative that you consider both the initial cost of the product and the ongoing costs you'll incur for gas, electric, etc. When taking into account the entire picture, foam is an easy decision.

Energsmart's mission is to provide the most cost effective and comfortable insulation products to both the residential and commercial insulation market. In the last ten years energy prices have increased well above inflation. In the next ten, they are currently being sold on forward markets for similar increases, again, far above inflation.

Our primary focus is on interior wall and ceiling insulating foam. We offer both open cell and closed cell varieties of these foams as well as code approved ignition barriers (when required).

Energsmart also offers a complete line of roofing and exterior foam and coatings products from Lapolla Coatings.

In this section you will find detailed information on our most popular products and their typical uses. If you don't see something you're looking for, or you have additional questions, contact us — we would be happy to help.