Fire-Lok Thermal - Ignition Barrier

Fire-Lok Barrier

Fire-Lok is an interior ignition barrier coating for spray polyurethane foam insulation. Depending on your particular application, an ignition barrier may be required by Building Code. This barrier is typically not needed if the area insulated is covered with drywall, but one of our representatives can tell you for sure.

Fire-Lok is a water based latex system that dries quickly and reaches maximum properties in under 21 days.

Fire-Lok over polyurethane foam prevents surface ignition due to a flame source. This product will inhibit or prevent the start and spread of flame encountered on the surface. It is designed to be a long term protective barrier.

Product Use

Fire-Lok coating can be used as an ignition barrier or thermal barrier depending on the thickness installed over the foam. The manufacturer of our spray foam products, LaPolla Coatings, has performed extensive testing using Fire-Lok over our open and closed cell foams to determine the appropriate thicknesses of Fire-Lok needed to meet building Code. Much of the time the application of Fire-Lok is not necessary since drywall (which is a thermal barrier) is often installed between the foam and living space, but our sales force will inform you when it is required.

Fire-Lok is a water-based paint that we typically apply with a paint sprayer. It dries quickly and will reach maximum effectiveness only a few weeks after it is sprayed.

Hopefully you use LaPolla foam for your next insulation job, but if you don’t, ensure that the foam you are using complies with ICC-ES AC 377 Appendix X (Modified NFPA 286) concerning fire protection and spray foam insulation. Beginning Jan 1, 2011 ALL brands of spray foam must meet the criteria of Appendix X to meet Building Code.

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