Closed Cell Spray Foam

Foam-Lok 2000 (FL2000) is a 2 LB density closed cell foam that has almost no vapor or air permeability. The product in and of itself is considered a vapor barrier by Code. FL2000 is a 2-part spray applied polyurethane cellular foam plastic. The product is sprayed on as a liquid, expands, and cures within minutes. The major differences between FL2000 closed cell foam and FL500 open cell foam are as follows:

  • Aged R-value of 6.3 per inch of depth (Open Cell is 3.9 per inch)
  • Vapor Barrier (Open Cell is a vapor retarder that allows small amounts of moisture to move through it)
  • Structural (Open Cell has the consistency of angel food cake)
  • More Expensive (more materials are needed to produce an "R" of Closed Cell)

Although closed cell foam is suitable for almost any use, our typical installs of this product include:

  • Crawl spaces where moisture is significant
  • Stone, concrete, and block surfaces
  • Commercial coolers and freezers where moisture control is difficult (high vapor drive)
  • Older structures where high R-value is needed in a limited space
  • Areas where foam may take a physical beating and strength is needed

Our Open vs. Closed Cell Foam page is a great source for an even more detailed comparison of the products. Remember, if you're confused, just contact us. We work with these products every day!