Special Offers & Tax Incentives

Tax Credits & Incentives

Energy Star Incentives

Energsmart is accredited by the Building Performance Institute (BPI) and is an Energy Star Partner in New York. As such, we can offer most residential programs offered through Energy Star. These are programs we all fund through taxes so you should definitely take advantage of them. A summary of the programs is as follows:

    1. FREE AUDIT for households with annual income under $127,800 (Erie & Niagara County). Other counties will vary). The audit includes an analysis of your home's energy consumption and the systems that affect energy consumption. The audit includes a deliverable detailing your current energy situation, recommended upgrades, estimated costs, and estimated savings for those upgrades. We also perform a safety analysis of all the combustion appliances in your home to ensure they're operating effectively and exhausting harmful emissions (like carbon monoxide) out of your home. This is a "no brainer" as it will give you useful information to lower your energy bills without you having to commit to paying a dime.

    2. If your household income is greater than $127,800 the program will still pick up part of the tab for the audit fee. The $250 audit fee is proportionally subsidized for household incomes as high as $255,600. So, for example, if your household income was $180,000, you would only pay us $100 and the Energy Star program would pay us the other $150.

    3. Once an audit is done the gifts keep flowing! EVERYONE qualifies for a 10% subsidy through the program. So if you agreed to do $2,000 worth of work with us, you would pay us $1,800 and the Energy Star program would cut us a check for the other $200. What's more, you could even finance your portion through the program for only 3.99% (3.49% with automatic debit) on an unsecured 5, 10, or 15 year loan! Plus, your loan can be automatically added to your electric bill for a 3.49% rate! What's easier than that? Loan minimum is $3,000.

    4. The program also offers a generous subsidy for MODERATE INCOME customers. The program will typically pay for 50% of the energy efficiency improvements for those customers with household incomes less than 80% of the NYS median. Just to give a couple examples, a household of two qualifies for the 50% subsidy if the household income is under $44,545, and a household of four qualifies for the 50% subsidy if the household income is under $65,507. Whatever isn't picked up by the subsidy can be financed through the program with a low interest loan if you wish (see #3 above).

    5.  Finally, the program offers FREE (yes, it’s really free) insulation for those households under 60% of the NYS median state income.  So, for a household of two people, the income limit is $33,410.  For a household of four the limit is $49,130. 

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Energy Wise

Energywise Structures

Are you concerned your investment in foam won't pay back? With the Energywise program, your energy usage is guaranteed. Energywise Structures is a NASA spinoff that has modeled the energy usage for thousands of homes. EnergyWise Structures is engaged in mechanical engineering for the "Ultra-Energy-Efficient, Healthy" construction trade utilizing its EnergyWise System. The EnergyWise System incorporates Lapolla spray foam insulation, air quality, comfort requirements, and equipment efficiency, which translates into cost-effective options for saving energy and saving money. Beyond saving money, every EnergyWise energy analysis report considers humidity control, air quality and the general health and comfort of the environment within the structure. If your energy usage is greater than the amount Energywise modeled, they'll pay for the rest of your gas and/or electric bill!

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NAHB Green

NAHB Green

The National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) is one of the largest trade associations in the United States. Headquartered in Washington, DC, NAHB's mission is to enhance the climate for housing and the building industry. Chief among NAHB's goals is providing and expanding opportunities for all consumers to have safe, decent and affordable housing.

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