Does FoamLok™ support bacteria or fungal growth?

No. FoamLok™ is a plastic that is not a food source for bacterial or fungal growth.

What about insects and vermin?

LaPolla FoamLok has zero food value to insects and vermin, however, like any other insulation, it does not present a sufficient barrier to their entry if they decided to chew through it regardless of its zero food value. Energsmart has not had a reported incident of something chewing through Foamlok. Insects and vermin chew through insulation because they feel heat or smell food coming through it. Since Foamlok is a superior air seal and insulator, these critters don't know heat and food are available inside the building so they wouldn't have a reason to get to the other side.

Because FoamLok uses Bio-based Oils from Sugar Cane is it a Food Source for Rodents and Insects?

Simply stated, that's complete nonsense. Using that logic, why wouldn't humans want to eat it? Why don't we just take a teaspoon of sugar and mix it with some gasoline and drink it up? We obviously don't recommend that you do this, but just because one of the ingredients is edible doesn't mean the entire product is edible. Along with vegetable oils and water, there are plenty of harmful components that would kill small animals and insects if they were ingested. Besides, the oil and water are chemically and permanently altered during the curing process and cease to exist once the plastic is formed.