Does FoamLok™ have limited uses?

No. The FoamLok™ solution can be applied to both new or existing construction, adhering to virtually any surface. It allows for architectural freedom and eliminates the insulating and air-sealing woes of metal construction. With FoamLok™, your new or existing building is permanently protected, sealed off from wind, pollutants and airborne sound, and resistant to moisture-related condensation problems.

What are some of the value-added benefits?

Sound and odor control. While FoamLok™ is not intended as a sound-proofing solution, its superior fit reduces airborne sound transfer through roof, floor, and walls — which means it does double duty and becomes part of a cost-effective sound-proofing solution. Outside noises such as air, road, and rail traffic are significantly less noticeable. Inside, there are far fewer complaints about plumbing and neighbor noise. And, by eliminating of air movement through common walls in multi-dwelling units, FoamLok™ eliminates cooking odor migration.

What are the advantages for residential use?

A more energy efficient home means that energy costs can usually be reduced by 30-50%. This means a more comfortable home, that easily and cost-effectively maintains desired temperature and humidity levels. With FoamLok™, the temperature difference between the top and bottom of a room varies by just a couple of degrees — unlike fiberglass. FoamLok™ offers some sound proofing qualities as well because FoamLok™ creates a continuous sound barrier against airborne and reverberating noises. As a value add, FoamLok™ can be used in interior walls around media rooms, plumbing and master suites. Most importantly, FoamLok™ offers improved indoor air quality. In conjunction with the mechanical ventilation system, a well sealed building envelope is the key to superior indoor air quality in which your family can live a healthier life.