At what stage is FoamLok™ installed?

FoamLok™ is installed in new construction after the windows and roof are installed and electrical, framing, and plumbing inspections are complete — and after any other electrical or mechanical system located behind the drywall is installed. It is the last installation to take place before drywall installation.

How is FoamLok™ installed?

It is sprayed onto any open surface and studded wall — including metal. A trained FoamLok™ installer is required. With any open surface, FoamLok™ can be sprayed on once electrical and plumbing services are in place. In seconds, it expands to 100 times its initial liquid volume, permanently adhering to the surfaces of the surrounding building materials and sealing all gaps.  Our Foam-Lok Retro Foam does not need an open cavity.  It is injected into closed cavities.

How long does FoamLok™ take to cure?

Less than one minute. The foam is created in seconds after spraying. You can watch it expand within seconds to more than 100 times its original volume. It can be covered with sheetrock boards within just a few minutes.