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Why would I pay twice as much for LaPolla Foam-Lok when I could just use Fiberglass Instead? How can R-20 of LaPolla Foam-Lok outperform R-38 of fiberglass?
Is LaPolla Foam-Lok Toxic? Does it contain Urea Formaldehyde?
Which product is better, open cell foam or closed cell foam? What are the advantages of flexible foam?
What if I need to run a wire behind the wall in the future? What if I need to run wires through the wall after my drywall has been hung?
What is the R-Value of Foam-Lok? Are these aged values? Is there a difference in the R-value of LaPolla Foam-Lok in walls and ceilings?
What is Foam-Lok? How long has it been around? What is it made of? What are its advantages?
What are the acoustic properties of Foam-Lok?
Can my house be "too tight"?
Is LaPolla Foam-Lok a Fire Hazard? What are LaPolla FomaLok's flammability and fire-rating characteristics? Are there any harmful emissions as a result of fire? What does the smoke contain?
Are there any electric wiring overheating problems associated with Foam-Lok? Is the insulation corrosive to metals?
Does the foam change physically over time? Does Foam-Lok break down, sag, or shrink?
Is Foam-Lok "green" or environmentally friendly?
I'm having an Energy Star home built. Why would I need foam?
Why don't more builders use LaPolla Foam-Lok?
At what stage is Foam-Lok installed? How is it installed? How long does it take to cure?
Does Foam-Lok support bacteria or fungal growth? What about insects and vermin? Because Foam-Lok uses Bio-based Oils from Sugar Cane is it a Food Source for Rodents and Insects?
Do I need Attic and Roof Venting? Why don't I have to ventilate with LaPolla Foam-Lok?
Does Foam-Lok have limited uses? What are some of the value-added benefits? What are the advantages for residential use?
Does Foam-Lok absorb water? Does it trap moisture? Can it eliminate moisture problems? Do I need a Vapor Barrier with LaPolla Foam-Lok?