About Us

Hi. I'm John Bartlo, president of Energsmart Insulation.

I started Energsmart in 2004 because I saw an opportunity to provide an insulation product to the Western New York market that simply wasn't widely available at the time - foam insulation.

Because of my extensive experience in the energy industry, I understood first-hand what drove our energy costs and where they were likely to go - which was straight up.

Every day the world becomes more industrialized and uses more energy. Unfortunately, that energy costs more and more to find and bring to your home. These market conditions will continue to drive up the most significant costs of operating our homes and businesses - heating and cooling.

Energsmart's products - especially foam insulation - drastically reduce the amount of energy used in the buildings we insulate. Not only does that lower your bills immediately, but when gas and electricity prices go up in the future, your wallet will only take a fraction of the hit that fiberglass insulated buildings will see.

Not only are our products best-in-class, but so is our experience. We have thousands of successfully completed projects under our belt and Energsmart likely has the most experienced installers in the region. For added peace of mind, rest assured knowing Energsmart has never had a single complaint filed against it with the Better Business Bureau. Read our customer testimonials and you'll see just a few reasons why.

So take a look our website to learn more about what Energsmart Insulation can do for you. Whether your project is a new or existing home or business, or whether you need spray foam, injectable foam, or cellulose, chances are we have a solution for you.

Thank you.